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"If the pure and elevated pleasure to be derived from the possession and use of a good telescope of three, four, five, or six inches aperture were generally known, I am certain that no instrument of science would be more commonly found in the homes of intelligent people." - Garrett P. Serviss, Pleasures of the Telescope, 1901.

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ACCESSORIES for telescope making

Astronomy Section - High quality optics for professional and amateur astronomy



Prototypical Fabrication and Design Assistance

Refractive and reflective optics, Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chretien systems, parabolic mirrors 6" to 16", low expansion substrate material available as well as other special order items


Newtonian Telescope Mirrors 

Standard full-thickness parabolic Newtonian primary mirrors 8 through 16" in diameter and the NEW! conical cross-section mirrors. Autocollimation tested to have an RMS of .032 and a Strehl Ratio of .96 or better at the Wave Front. Quotes on custom mirrors available as well.

Enjoy image quality equal to apochromatic refractors. Why spend thousands for a little telescope of limited resolution and light grasp when you can get the benefits of larger aperture and see a lot more for less.

NOW! Conical mirrors in 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 14.5 and 16 inch sizes. Go here for details


Cassegrain Mirror Sets

Cassegrain and Dall-Kirkham mirror sets in sizes from 8 through 16" in standard and the NEW! conical cross-section mirrors. Quotes on custom mirrors available as well.


Refractor Objectives

Refractor doublets 6" to 12" of any reasonable focal ratio can be made but I these are a specialty item and not part of general astronomy production. Design assistance offered for amateurs looking to construct astronomical telescopes.



Antique and Historic Telescope
Objective Replacement and Restoration

Design and replace objectives for antique and historic refracting and reflecting telescopes that have either had their objectives damaged or lost. Call for details and discussion 



                       Methods and Standards


All Optics are individually made to the highest standards for the discriminating user. 

The beginning place of a telescope is the objective. No eyepiece can improve a less than optimum image. No CCD algorithm can fully compensate for a defective image. The better the objective, the better the telescope.

"The mirror's the thing." - Russell W. Porter.



Parabolic mirrors and compound systems are autocollimation tested to high accuracy using perforated test flats. Both knife edge and Ronchi tests as well as interferometric testing are used as applicable. 


Does Jupiter look like this through your telescope? If not, read below.

Jupiter as seen through an 10" telescope producing an image having a 1/8 wave, PV, wavefront error. Computer generated image by William Zmek.

Click on Picture for comparative image series.



Ordering Procedures and Delivery

For Standard Newtonian mirrors specific order forms are available and payment terms and delivery given. For custom work, prices and terms are individually quoted.


 Short Articles and Ramblings for ATMs

Thoughts, Construction Tips and Musing about Telescopes

Articles and commentary appear randomly as time and energy permit



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